Plurals Plurals Verb Endings Verb Endings Verb Endings Superlatives
add s y to an i and add es ing drop e add ing double last letter add ing  
attempts bodies according challenging beginning biggest
carriages cities building escaping planning largest
castles families climbing exciting stopping nastiest
creature(s) properties extinguishing including swimming tallest
engines varieties fighting moving widest
foundations gleaming raising
hedges interesting surprising
material(s) sprawling wrestling
pieces spreading
selects vanishing
stripes washing
Verb Endings Verb Endings Verb Endings Verb Endings 'ly' words 'c' makes 's'
ed double letter add ed change y to an i and add ed just add d    
absorbed grabbed carried arrived actually audience
camped occurred qualified disguised actually centre
delivered planned satisfied excited approximately century
design(ed) slipped illuminated carefully excellent
developed stopped injured extremely exciting
disappeared trapped involved frequently medicine
disturbed judged generally necessary
echoed released gently notice
finished replaced gingerly silence
rehearsed required gradually
remained highly
stretched Words in bold have been repeated in more than one years test. importantly
transformed particularly 
transported perfectly
uncoiled physically
'tion' sound 'ive' words 'al' words 'ee' sound  Homophones Other Words
completion apprehensive digital accuracy heard amongst
destination destructive essential disease practice anchors
direction expensive festival emergency weight audience
foundations survive individual essential where aware
generation original healthy between
invention physical noisy breeze
pollution special ready capable
question sunny change
Suffixes Prefixes Compound Words Double Letters Silent Letter crawl
available advantage countryside apprehensive castles first
beautiful advertise headquarters common climbing future
carefully almost themselves different designed journey
colourful before throughout difficult different moment
effortless believe excellent environment most
hopeful destructive follow hedges mysterious
regardless disappeared million interesting perform
successful disturbed opposite knowledge press
wonderful encounter passenger known purpose
encourage pollution medicine realistic
ensure press participate serious
important slippery physical shook
injured still should silence
inspecting successful strength sneeze
invention sunny stretched symbol
involved surprise technique
preserve wrestling top
prevent tumble
process i before e
release believe
remember pierce