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The word multimedia means using many ways to show information. Multimedia stories are videos made up of: pictures, text and sound. They can be used to:

  • tell a story;
  • describe some instructions;
  • persuade the viewer to do something.
It does not make sense to print out multimedia stories (you can not see the sound), so they are usually watched on a computer monitor or using a projector.

The video will move from one slide to the next automatically along a timeline, so such videos are often seen in shops where they are played in a loop all day to help advertise products.

Multimedia authoring programs are used to create multimedia stories and usually have several features:

Picture Effects As the story is played, it can zoom and pan around the pictures. You could start by focusing in on a small detail of a picture, and then gradually zoom out to reveal the whole picture.
Slide Transition Effects You can change the way one slide changes into the next one using different transition effects.
Add text Text can be added onto slides this is useful for captions, or for the opening title.
Add narration You can add a voice-over to the slides using a microphone.
Add background music You can import music composed on the computer to play in the background, and change its tempo or style to match the narrative.

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