Text Analysis
Word processors have tools which will check the text you have typed and then highlight or even correct any errors which it thinks you have made.

Spell Checker

A spell checker will automatically check every word you type and tell you if it can’t find it in a computer dictionary.

This usually means you have made a spelling mistake, but sometimes the word just might not be in the dictionary – peoples’ names or street names, for example. You can normally add any words which you think are missing to the dictionary.

Most spell checkers will try to guess what the correct word should be and give you some suggestions.

Spellcheckers are good but they won't spot mistakes where you have typed the wrong word.

Thesaurus and Grammar Checks

Some word processors may also have thesaurus or grammar check features:
  • A thesaurus will suggest alternative words with the same meaning as a word that you have typed in (called synonyms). For example, if you type in ‘small’ the thesaurus might suggest ‘little’, ‘tiny’ or ‘minute’.
  • A grammar checker will try and highlight any grammatical errors you make, like forgetting full stops or missing apostrophes.

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