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A report defines how records in a database (or those found by a search) will be printed. You can usually choose:
  • which fields to display;
  • which order the records should be displayed in;
  • what statistics you want the database to calculate from the records.
This tabular report shows all the countries that in the continent of Africa:

Testing Hypotheses

You can use a report to check whether something is true or false:

The coldest temperature recorded in Africa is less than 0oC
The minimum MinTemp is -32oC, so the hypothesis is true.
The hottest temperature recorded in Africa is less than 45oC
The maximum MaxTemp is 50oC, so the hypothesis is false.
The average MaxTemp is hotter than the average MinTemp for countries in Africa.
As 27.88oC is bigger than 10.38oC, the hypothesis is true.

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