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Multimedia presentations are used to help tell people information using a greater range of media than in a multimedia story, such as with: video clips, diagrams and animations.

They are sometimes called slide shows, with each slide covering one topic.

Lots of companies make multimedia presentations:
  • A salesman will talk potential customers through the presentation.
  • Videos (like those taken with a digital video camera) can be used to show what the products look like.
  • Graphs can be used to show company profits.

Animation can be used to make a presentation look more attractive and draw attention to particular points. Objects can appear on or disappear off whilst someone is looking at a slide. For example, each bullet point could slide on from the side and then fade out after it has been read.

Slide Transition

How the presentation changes from one slide to another can happen in two different ways:
  1. When the user clicks a mouse button. This is helpful if the presentation is going to be shown to an audience and how long each slide should appear for isnít known.
  2. The presentation can be automatically timed so that each slide moves to the next one automatically after a set length of time has passed. This could be helpful if a presentation advertising a product is left showing on a monitor in a shop in a loop all day.
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