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Spotting Patterns

When you make a choice in a simulation you should always:
  • write down clearly what you did;
  • write down what happened.
This makes it easy to see any patterns. To get the best results you should also:
  • do a fair test and only change one variable at time;
  • repeat your choices a few times to check they are the same.

Making Predictions

If you spot a pattern in a simulation, you can usually then make a prediction about what will happen next time. This is because simulations follow certain rules:

  • a flight simulator might run out of fuel more quickly when flying fast, so you would predict that when you fly really fast the plane would run out of fuel very quickly;
  • a virtual dog might always wag his tail when played with so you would predict that when he was played with next he would wag his tail.
After making a prediction, you should then test it out on the simulation to check if it was correct.
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