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You can use painting software to paint pictures on the screen, as if it were a canvas. There are many tools to help you do this:

Freehand Brush Colour Palette
You can move the brush around the canvas to draw shapes and squiggly lines. You can change the colour you are painting with from a huge palette of colours.
Brush Size Brush Style
You can change the size of the brush to make it thicker or thinner. You can change the style of the brush to create different effects.
Straight Line Flood Fill
If you click two points on the screen, this tool will join them up to create a straight line. This will fill an area of the screen in with a selected colour. The colour may leak out if there are any gaps in the shape.
Shapes Text
You can drag the pointer out to paint one of a few regular shapes – like rectangles or circles. These can either be filled in or be just an outline. This will let you type text onto the canvas. You could change the font style or colour of the text to make it look more exciting.

If you make a mistake when using painting software, you can:
  • paint over it in another colour;
  • use the eraser tool to try and ‘rub out’ it out;
  • use the undo feature to remove the mark you made last.
Files created in painting software are made up of small dots of colour called pixels, and are known as bitmap files.
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