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Some music composition programs try to show you what the sound looks like:

You can:
  • zoom in or out to show more or less detail about the sound;
  • combine different sounds together by playing different tracks at the same time. This is called multi-tracking.
Editing Sounds

Firstly you need to highlight the part of the music you want to change.

Trim This deletes all the sound either side of the selection.
Amplify You can make the volume go louder or quieter.
Mute This changes the sound so that it is just silence instead.
Change Tempo You can change the speed the sound is played back.
Add Echo Repeats some of the sound at a quieter volume to make it sound like an echo.
Fade In The sound will start quietly and gradually get louder.
Fade Out The sound will start loudly and gradually get quieter.

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