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You can import images into a word processing document to improve its appearance:

Importing an Image from a Clip Art Gallery Importing an Image File
A clip art gallery will contain thousands of cartoons and drawings related to popular topics which you can import into a document. They are normally sorted into categories like ‘Animals’, ‘Food’ or ‘Transport’, but you can often use a keyword search to find an image too. You can import an image file you have saved on a storage medium, such a photograph taken with a digital camera or a picture downloaded off a website.

Text Wrapping

Many word processors let you change the way that text appears or wraps around an image:

Text Wrapping Style Description
In Line with Text This places the image in line with the rest of the text text.
Square This wraps the text around all sides of a square bordering the image.
In Front of Text This places the image so that it floats above the text.

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