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When creating a multimedia presentation, you should always consider the needs of the intended audience.

A Consistent Appearance

As most presentations are made up of many slides, it is a good idea to make each slide look similar:
  • The title should appear in the same place on every slide.
  • A colour scheme should be chosen and only these colours used for the background, text and titles.
  • Only a small number of different animation styles should be used in the presentation.
A template file could be created that stores information about the basic layout of each slide, such as the colours and text styles to use. When creating a new slide, this template can then be used to save time having to start designing it from the beginning again.

How will the Presentation be Published?

The way a presentation is to be shown or published can be important. For example, bright yellow colours can sometimes be hard to see on a projector and small text can be hard to read on printouts, so both should be avoided.

If multimedia elements like sounds or video clips are embedded (saved in) the presentation then the file size can be very big. Linking to the original copies on the internet takes up less space but can be a problem if the presentation is transferred to another computer that isnít connected to the internet.

Features of an Effective Slide Show about a Caterpillar

You could also ask some of the target audience for their opinions of the presentation as you go along to find out what they like about it and what could be improved.
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