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In the past this software was only used by architects to design buildings or engineers to design machinery, but nowadays many people use it as it is a lot cheaper to buy.

It is similar to a drawing program because it is object-based, but has two big extra features:

  1. Objects and drawings can be created in three dimensions rather than just two. These models can be viewed from any angle or position by rotating or moving them around. Doing this it is known as changing the projection.

  2. Objects can be positioned and resized very accurately. You can zoom in and out to help measure the different dimensions of objects. Some packages will even let you trace over digital maps if you want to create a model of a building to scale.
When finished, digital models can be:

  • placed on digital maps to help show what the buildings in a town look like;
  • manufactured using a special machine called a lathe which can cut and shape materials like metal or wood.
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