Browsing Websites
Each Website has a Different Purpose


Each website is made up of many different web pages. A hyperlink is some text or an image that when clicked on takes you to the page that it is joined to.

Looking at web pages by clicking on links to move from one page to another is known as surfing. A hyperlink to a page that no longer exists is called a broken link.

After visiting a number of web pages you can retrace your steps using the back button in the browser. You can also go forward having gone back.

Other Things Found on Web Pages

  • Links to download files to your computer.
    People download things like: music, desktop wallpaper and programs to access offline.
  • Advertisements that link to websites trying to sell products.
    These often appear as a banner advert along the top of the page or in a pop-up window that opens by itself.
  • Podcasts of short audio programs for listening to on a portable player.
    You can subscribe to them so that each new episode is downloaded automatically.
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