Online Shopping (E-Commerce)

Electronic Commerce is the buying and selling of goods over the Internet.

Benefits to the Customer Benefits to the Retailer
Customers can shop at home so they donít need to go out and travel to a shop. Selling goods on the Internet means that you could have a large number of customers from across the globe.
Specialist products which are not usually available on the high street can be found. Online shops can be open 24 hours a day, seven days-a-week to sell goods.
It is easy to compare prices between different online shops. Fewer staff are needed (e.g. on checkouts) so less money is lost on wages.

E-commerce will never completely replace traditional shops mainly because not everyone has the equipment to access the Internet and some people like to actually try out or inspect items in person in a shop before they buy them (e.g. clothes).

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Some artists who produce copyright material like music or films add DRM to their work. Whilst this stops the customers from breaking copyright laws by copying it too many times, it can make it hard for them to play it back (e.g. it might not play on devices made by rival manufacturers).

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