Using a Search Engine to Locate Websites
You can use one of the many Internet search engines to help find websites about specific topics quickly:

Lots of search engines also let you just search through pictures on the World Wide Web, displaying the results as small thumbnail images.

Making your Searches more Effective

Due to the huge number of websites on the World Wide Wide, a search may result in tens of thousands of pages being found which would take ages to look through. You should therefore make your searches more specific to keep the number of hits found to a minimum:
  • use more words in your search terms (e.g. victorian factory conditions);
  • search for exact phrases by putting them in quotation marks (e.g. “Queen Victoria”);
  • don’t use common words (e.g. ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘for’) as most search engines ignore them because they slow searches down;
  • use OR to get results containing one or more of your search terms (e.g. Henry Eighth OR VIII);
  • use a wildcard (*) for any words you aren’t sure of (e.g. information communication *).

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