Taking Responsible Actions to Dangers

There are several steps you can take to reduce your risk of being affected by digital communication hazards:
  • Ask an adult to recommend any child-friendly sites to you that they know are safe and suitable.
  • Think carefully before you share your personal information with other people Ė developing an online alias might sometimes be more appropriate so that others canít identify you.
  • Use moderated discussion forums where adults check the messages and deal with anything unsuitable or unpleasant immediately.
  • Keep your passwords secret and log off when finished so that nobody else can access your accounts and misuse them.
  • Donít upload digital content about others (e.g. photos/videos) without their permission Ė you donít want to cause them upset or embarrassment.
  • Block or ignore friend requests from strangers on social networking sites.
  • Regularly use anti-virus software to check your files. If it finds a virus, it may be able to remove it and stop it from spreading.
  • Only download from official websites and open email attachments from people you know Ė these files will unlikely contain viruses.
If you do encounter a hazard, always talk to a person you know in real life who can be trusted (e.g. a parent, teacher, policeman etc.) so that they can help you cope and give youíre the best advice about any further actions to take.

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