Digital Communication Hazards

There are several hazards you could encounter when using the Internet and other digital communication devices:

Hazard Explanation
Viruses A virus is a nasty program that does something annoying or destructive on a computer. They often come as attachments to emails or on disks which might have been swapped, and are hard to detect and delete.
Spamming Spam messages try to sell you products or persuade you to visit their websites. Once a company knows your email address they might ‘bombard’ you with offers for things you will never need or don’t want.
Cyber-Bullying This involves people deliberately sending unkind or nasty messages to you personally or posting embarrassing things about you on public websites.
Identify Fraud This involves people logging onto sites and then pretending to be you (e.g. to post nasty messages or to steal credit card details).
Conning Since it is easy to lie on the Internet, some people try to trick or scam other people - such as by selling them poor-quality goods at high prices on shopping/auction websites.

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