Internet Research and Copyright
You can copy text and images from web pages and paste them into your own documents to help create an information report:

Copying huge chunks of somebody else’s work and pretending it is your own is called plagiarism and is actually breaking copyright laws. It is much better instead to:
  • reword or paraphrase any information found so that it is in your own words;
  • only copy a few sentences or quotes, putting them inside quotation marks (“”);
  • use images with creative commons licenses – these are pictures that have been shared by the creator for other people to use;
  • acknowledge the original author(s) at the bottom of the report by putting the names and URLs of the websites used.
Showing the reader that you have researched a wide range of websites makes your work more reliable and accurate. Indeed, many websites themselves now contain lists of related websites that provide extra information about their topics, called external links.

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