Bookmarking Favourite Sites
Most web browsers let you save a list of websites that you visit regularly so that you can go to them without having to remember their URLs. This is called bookmarking.

Bookmarking Online

Some websites let you save your bookmarks on the World Wide Web. This means that you can have a single set of bookmarks that can be accessed anywhere you go online.

Often these websites will ask you to enter some information about each website you want to bookmark:

You can organise your bookmarks by putting all the sites with similar tags together into a group.

There are three ways to find a bookmark you have saved:
  • bookmarks are normally listed in the order they were saved in so you could scroll down until you reached the date when you created the bookmark;
  • you could ask the site to only show the bookmarks with a particular tag;
  • you could look in a group to find all the bookmarks about a particular subject.
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