Storage Media
Storage media are used to keep data when a computer is switched off. Data is read from or written to a storage medium by a drive.

Popular Storage Media

Storage Medium Details
Hard Disk Hard drives can hold a lot of data and are usually fixed inside a computer. Information is stored on a magnetic coating on the surface of the disk. This is where the programs are kept on your computer.
Flash Memory Flash memory is very small but can store a lot of data. For this reason it is often found in digital cameras and in USB flash drives which are used to move data from one computer to another.
Optical Disk Data is recorded onto an optical disc using a laser beam. The two types of optical disk are:
  • CDs - these are useful for storing lots of photographs or music on.
  • DVDs - these can hold over six times more data than a CD and are useful for storing films on.
Data on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM cannot be changed but data on a CD-RW or DVD-RW can be changed.

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