Saving Work on Storage Media
You must save work done using a computer onto a storage device so that it can be kept when the computer is turned off. Some work will need more memory space than others a video clip will need more than just a picture for example. How much space data takes up is measured in these units:

Unit The Same Size As...
1 Byte Enough memory to store 1 letter
1 Kilobyte (Kb) 1,024 Bytes Enough memory to store a few sentences of text
1 Megabyte (Mb) 1,024 Kilobytes Enough memory to store a couple of images
1 Gigabyte (Gb) 1,024 Megabytes Enough memory to store lots of music or a computer program

It is important you check that there is enough memory space on a storage medium to save your work:

Storage Medium Memory Available
Hard Disk At least 60 Gb
Flash Memory Usually between 1 and 8 Gb
CD-RW About 700 Mb

You can delete or remove any files no longer needed to free up space.

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