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Output devices are used to get information out of the computer and present it in a way a human can understand. The most popular output devices are:

Monitors Projectors
Monitors display information for the user to look at. There are two kinds of monitor: older CRT screen are large and heavy whilst newer computers use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens which are thinner and lighter. This device projects information onto a wall using a beam of light. They are often found in classrooms because they can make the display very big for lots of children to see.
Speakers Printers
Speakers are used to output sound from the computer. Many speakers also have a volume control on them to change how loud or quiet the sound is. Printers make a permanent copy of your work onto paper this is known as either a printout or a hard copy. Ink jet printers squirt tiny droplets of ink at the paper and you need to regularly change the ink cartridges. Laser printers are more expensive to buy as they produce images using light and can print pages very quickly in high quality.

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