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Input is the information you put into the computer from the outside world. To do this you need to use an input device. Different input devices are made for different purposes.

Keyboard Digital Camera
The keyboard is used to write on the computer and also give it commands using keyboard shortcuts and the function keys. It is called a QWERTY keyboard because the first six letter keys on the top row spell ‘QWERTY’. Digital cameras let you capture still photographs and/or videos and transfer them onto a computer. Web cameras are small and permenantly connected to your computer, often used for doing video conferences over the Internet.
Mouse Touchpad
You can move a mouse around a desktop and press the buttons to choose options on the computer. This is found on laptop computers. The pointer on screen follows the movement of your finger on the pad.
Scanner Microphone
Scanners scan pictures on a sheet of paper with a special light and then transfer them onto a computer. Microphones can be used to input sound into a computer. Some computers can be operated using spoken commands and this is known as voice recognition.

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