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Computers are becoming smaller, faster and more powerful all the time. New ICT devices that will likely become popular and have a big impact on society are called emerging technologies.

Examples of Emerging Technologies

  • More programs will become available over the Internet so meaning that you can access them anywhere you go online – this is sometimes called Cloud Computing.
  • More sensors in houses will be used – such as to tell you how much energy you’re using or if you’ve left a tap running.
  • Access for disabled people will be improved as artificial limbs and bionic eyes become more effective and successful.
  • The National Identity Card scheme will create a huge database of information about UK citizens and help the Government trace terrorists.
The 'Digital Divide'


Unfortunately, not everybody can benefit from these emerging technologies because:
  • some people haven't enough money to buy the equipment;
  • many people live in parts of the world where there is no electricity to power devices;
  • some governments block websites that they don’t want their citizens to access.
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